RGV plans to expose underworld-Bollywood nexus with Government

  • IANS, Chennai
  • Updated: Jan 30, 2016 15:31 IST
Ram Gopal Varma is best known for works like Satya, Sarkar, Company and Bhoot. (IANS)

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma on Saturday announced that his next Hindi project is titled Government and claimed that the film will expose the underworld-Bollywood nexus. Interestingly, the film will have Dawood Ibrahim, Chota Shakeel, Abu Salem as main characters.

“My next Hindi film after Veerappan is Government nd one of its characters will be Dawood Ibrahim. Government will portray Dawood Ibrahim,Chota Shakeel,Abu Salem nd others as realistically as I portrayed Veerappan,” (sic) he tweeted.

Ram Gopal Varma, best known for his films on underworld like Satya and Company, also shared details of the film in a Google doc.

“Though the film Company was supposed to be a true life inspiration based upon the Dawood Ibrahim - Chhota Rajan relationship, it was quite evident that the entire later part of the film was completely fictional, far away from the reality of what actually happened. The reality of that aspect will be on show in Government,” the document said.

Varma shared the film will track the story of the rivalry between Dawood-Rajan post their split. “Their rivalry which got further complicated because of the unexpected rise of Abu Salem, who challenged the authority of Chhota Shakeel. The reinvention of Chhota Rajan as a patriotic don who started serving his own justice to all the D company members who escaped the Indian justice system. And above all it will show the ultra delicate and immensely complex relationship between a criminal organization and a government organization which recently got exposed in the Chhota Rajan capture,” it added.

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The film, according to Varma, will also venture into the politico-police-underworld relationship, the cut-throat betrayals among both the gangs and the government agents, and it will also differentiate between underworld dons doing crime as a duty and the government doing a crime for duty.

Read the complete document here

The film’s key characters will include Chhota Rajan, Abu Salem, Chhota Shakeel, Anees Ibrahim, Sujatha (Chhota Rajan’s wife), Monica Bedi, Ajit Doval (National Security Adviser), former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sharad Pawar, Arun Gawli, Bal Thackeray and Dawood Ibrahim.

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