Samrat & Co: inside the world of a detective

After starting his career with Kahin to Hoga and trying his luck in Bollywood with Aamir, Rajeev Khandelwal is in news again for hosting the hit reality show Sach ka Saamna and also for having a new woman in his life. Will that stop women from admiring him in his new look? We bet not!

The first detective movie of 2014, Samrat & Co., will see Rajeev Khandelwal play the role of an observant and suave investigator.

"Samrat is very intelligent and has great powers of detection. He is eccentric, even rude at times... you can love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him," says producer Kavita Barjatya.

However, creating the character and the world around him hasn’t been easy for the makers.

Director Kaushik Ghatak explains, "We wrote his entire back story, though not all of it is in the movie… But it was necessary to create this world because Samrat needed to look real. Creating this took four years to visualise and pen."

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Samrat’s look has been designed by Rahul Agasti, who has added quirky elements like crooked sunglasses, a magnifying glass, top hat and long coats to the detective’s guise.

"Samrat is the most disorganised organised man, as Kaushik da describes," says Barjatya. Ghatak adds, "He uses a beaker as an ashtray, a pirate’s head as a paperweight and a card holder as his cigarette holder."

To get the character right, Rajeev underwent multiple reading and Taekwondo training sessions.

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"Rajeev was so perfect that we did not need to tell him anything. His tenor, voice modulation, everything was correct," says Ghatak.

The film is probably the biggest set extension in Bollywood, as almost the entire movie has been created using VFX, under the guidance of a world-class special effects team.

Releasing on April 25, Samrat & Co. has been produced by Barjatya under her family banner, Rajshri Productions.

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