Sanjay Dutt's willpower is Herculean says TP Aggarwal

With his new release Policegiri around the corner, Sanjay Dutt's friends and family miss his presence in their midst more than ever.

This is a very trying time for Dutt's family, especially his wife Manyata. Apparently, she has been unable to watch Policegiri. Although several attempts have been made to arrange screenings for her, Maanyata has been too emotionally overwrought to watch the entire film. "It is too overwhelming for her to see her husband on screen at a time when he is not with her," says a source.

Says the Policegiri producer T.P. Aggarwal, "This is very tough on all of us especially Maanyataji and Sanjay's immediate family, who would have liked nothing better than to have him stand up for the film. In his absence, we're doing our best. Not to have Sanjay with us is a blow that we feel stronger now when the film is on release."

A charity premiere of Policegiri is being organized, apparently at Sanjay Dutt's behest. Says Aggarwal, "Instead of hosting a lavish premiere of Policegiri in Dubai as we had planned, we will give the proceeds from the first show all over Maharashtra for flood relief in Uttarakhand. This is our gesture for the suffering and loss in Uttarakhand. It is the least we can do."

T.P. Aggarwal says he wants the film to be a success for Sanjay's sake more than his own. "Sanjay's willpower is Herculean. At a time when he was preparing to return to jail, he shot two songs and many action scenes with us. Which other actor would think of work at a time like that? If I was in his place, I'd have kicked the work aside. How can any human being focus on work when he has a jail sentence staring at him? But Sanjay Dutt did. We salute him. We want Policegiri to be a success for his sake."


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