From Parineeta to SKSE: five shades of Vidya Balan, the wife on screen

  • Farhan and Vidya

    Farhan and Vidya don't always fight on screen, they take out time for romance too.

  • Shaadi Ke Side Effects

    They make a great on-screen couple, yet Vidya and Farhan are seen fighting over petty issues in Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

  • Shaadi Ke Side Effects

    Farhan Akhtar flaunts a fake pregnant belly. Afterall, it's a couple's Kahaani!

  • Shaadi Ke Side Effects

    Sometimes love is a contest.

  • Shaadi Ke Side Effects

    And sometimes, love is all about spending time together.

  • Vidya and Farhan

    Vidya and Farhan: the couple who always invites trouble.

  • Shaadi Ke Side Effects

    Vidya Balan tackling Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

It's not the first time Vidya Balan is facing Shaadi Ke Side Effects on silver screen. Before playing a nagging wife Trisha in Saket Chaudhary's upcoming film, Vidya Balan has portrayed the role of a married woman several times in the past, albeit with a fresh twist every time.

1. The committed Parineeta: The first time Vidya tied the knot on screen was for Parineeta. After a whirlwind romance, Lolita and Shekhar get married. Here's a catch - there were no pheras. And guess what, it was a secret wedding!

Our take: She made a wonderful Parineeta (married woman)! A scintillating debut.

2. A wife who forgets her hubby:
In Salaam-e-Ishq, she plays a Muslim girl (Tehzeeb Hussain) and John Abraham (Ashutosh Raina) plays a Hindu. They fall in love and enter matrimony despite opposition from their families. Then the unexpected happens -- Tehzeeb loses her memory in an accident and can't recognise her husband. Oops!

Our take: Her chemistry with John was simply amazing!

3. A wife stuck in her mind's Bhool Bhulaiyya: Siddharth takes his beloved wife Avani to his ancestral palace. She's not scared by ghosts, she claims and enters the prohibied area of the mahal. Avani then becomes Manjulika, the ghost. Or is it all in her head?

Our take: It's better to have a wife who forgets, than a wife who's scary!

4. A wife out on revenge: Vidya Bagchi is a London-based software programmer who's heavily pregnant and in search of her missing husband. In the end, when she does meet her 'husband', she kills him. Wonder why? Watch Kahaani.

Our take: Vidya rocked as a wife and as a killer.

5. A loud Punjabi wife: In Ghanchakkar, she plays Neetu who's loud, has a weird fashion sense and is a bad cook. Emraan-Vidya play a pair, who're certainly not made for each other.

Our take: We think Vidya's choice of this film was absurd.


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