Sonam Kapoor at loggerheads with CCMAA

  • Anirban Das, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 24, 2014 16:45 IST

Recently, Sonam Kapoor had lashed out at the Cine Costume And Make Up Artist Association (CCMAA) union while expressing her thoughts on the biases against women in Indian society. A news report read that when the actor was asked to express her opinion on the recent case of the Park Street rape survivor, who was not allowed to enter a restaurant in Kolkata, she spoke about the stereotypes in Indian society. She went on to say that members of the association behave inappropriately, and they “drag women out of the rooms, and tell them ‘it is our job’”.

When contacted, the vice president of the CCMAA, Rajesh Patil, rubbishes the allegations, saying, “None of our members have ever misbehaved or shoved any artist. We respect women. Sonam is wrong.”

Sonam had also said that the association doesn’t give women membership as make-up artists. When asked about it, Patil says, “Yes, as per rules of the association, we do not give make-up artist memberships to women. But, we do not give hair-dresser membership to men and that is given only to women. We are not biased.”

When probed further, he adds, “Our existing members do not get enough work because of the non-member make-up artists who function in the industry. Many a times, celebrities call artists from foreign countries, and this is affecting the business of our members. Apart from that, there are also artists in the city who do not have a CCMAA membership, but they continue to operate.”

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On Sonam’s opinion of calling the situation “illogical”, Patil says, “The logic is simple that we want our existing members, who do not come from wealthy backgrounds, to keep getting work so that they can run their families.”

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