Student Of The Year boys bag a twin deal

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  • Updated: Dec 08, 2012 05:41 IST
  • Varun-Siddharth

    Actors Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan are set to make their debut with Student of the Year. They’re totally hot, which is why we shot ...

  • Varun-Siddharth

    Cutting chai is good, but saucer chai is even better

  • Varun-Siddharth

    Don't these expressions remind you of Tweety and Sylvester

  • Varun-Siddharth

    If He can sweep Him off His feet, need the ladies really wait

  • Varun-Siddharth

    While we love the obvious camaraderie, the bright colours, the linked arms and bulging muscles only makes them look more attractive

  • Varun-Siddharth

    With such cute puppy dog faces, who wouldn't give them the lead

Newcomers Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra seem to be in great demand by organisers of award functions. But there’s a catch — the actors, who made their debut with Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year, are only wanted at these shows in joint appearances.

“They have received many offers as award functions start in January,” says a source.

Still under KJo’s wing
Director will decide whether Varun and Sidharth should take up all the offers for performing at award shows.

Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra, who made a successful debut this year, seem to have become hot property with organisers of award functions who are lining up to sign them. With offers flooding in for the two to perform together, it’s getting difficult for them to choose.
A source says, “Show organisers want them to perform together. Their moves in songs like ‘Velle’, ‘Radha’ and ‘The disco song’ from Student Of The Year have become very popular. So event managers feel that if they perform together, the two of them can set the dance floor on fire.

They’re getting a lot of offers to dance at award shows.” The source further adds that the actors have been consulting their mentor Karan Johar about the offers.

The source says, “Karan feels that now that they have done a film together, they will soon have to start figuring matters on their own and work in solo films. He wants them to build a rock-solid career and is willing to help out in whatever way that he can. But he’s certain that they will do well in the industry. About the shows, Karan, along with a few others, will decide on which ones Varun and Sidharth should perform in, if at all they do.”

Meanwhile, the source adds that while Varun and Sidharth are in demand, Alia Bhatt hasn’t been getting as many offers.
“Alia is a pretty girl, but she is still very young, which is probably why  she hasn’t been getting as many offers as the boys,” the source says.


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