Sunny Leone more dangerous than Kareena Kapoor

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    Bold Indo-Canadian star Sunny Leone certainly created a buzz with her film Jism 2 even though the film didn't too well. Here's a look at ...

  • Sunny Leone

    Many of Leone’s fans were left disappointed with her rather ‘clean’ act in Jism 2 and Sunny has actually apologised for not exposing enough in ...

  • Sunny Leone

    Sunny Leone with her husband cum manager Daniel Weber.

  • Sunny Leone

    Guess who claims to be Sunny's #1 fan! It's none other than fellow stripper and Playboy model Sherlyn Chopra.

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    It is rumoured that Sunny is making more money from her career in Bollywood than her longstanding work as a pornstar.

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    The same Sunny Leone had once discovered and watched an adult sex tape and quickly kept it back for fear of being caught.

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    Apparently, Sunny does not have a single porn movie DVD at her home in US and no one can ever find out what she does ...

  • Sunny Leone

    Among her top favourite actors feature the ruling Khans of Bollywood, Aamir and Salman.

The Internet might be an amazing place to get all the news about your favourite movie star, but according to a new study, if you’re researching certain actors like Sunny Leone and Katrina Kaif, the chances of you clicking on a site with a virus are quite high.

A software security agency recently conducted a survey to gauge the odds of that actually happening. And according to their findings, those looking for information and pictures of Sunny Leone stand a 9.95 per cent chance of picking up some neat viruses.

Going viral
“Around the world, content on sports and entertainment are two of the most searched as well as downloaded topics. India is no different, we are a Bollywood crazy country and cyber criminals use this passion for their criminal activities,” says Lubna Markar, senior marketing manager India and South Asia, McAfee. adds, “We want to know everything about our favourite stars. So it’s not only information, but also pictures and videos that attract fans.”
Second on McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrity 2012 Survey is Katrina Kaif, who in last year’s research had occupied the top spot. Incidentally, the one male actor on the entire list is Salman Khan, who ranks number 8, after the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and even Vidya Balan.
The study was carried out over a period of roughly two-months on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. “We scanned the pages with the name of the celebrity and the most widely used download keywords (like screensaver, photo, downloads, wallpaper, videos, ring tone and lyrics, hot pictures, YouTube, free downloads, free TV). We calculated the risk quotient based on the number of risky sites that each celeb had,” says Markar.

Serious threat
While most Internet users don’t take the threat of picking up viruses from these sites seriously, Markar insists that the damage they are capable of causing isn’t something that should be ignored.

“Any malware infected site can use information for identity theft, monetary fraud, monitoring the user’s activity and even for misuse of the computer as a device that perpetuates other cybercrimes,” she says.

“In this day and age, your digital identity being stolen can not only mean loss of money, but can also land you in a trouble with the authorities. These viruses could crash your system or even monitor your online activities.”

Most dangerous celebs
Sunny Leone:  9.95 per cent
Katrina Kaif:  8.25 per cent
Kareena Kapoor:  6.67 per cent
Priyanka Chopra:  6.5 per cent
Bipasha Basu:  5.58 per cent
Vidya Balan:  5.33 per cent
Deepika Padukone:  4.92 per cent
Salman Khan:  4.83 per cent
Aishwarya Rai :  4.58 per cent
Poonam Pandey:  4.25 per cent


Sunny Leone signs three-film deal
Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone, who sizzled in her Bollywood debut Jism 2, has reportedly signed a three-film deal with Alumbra Entertainment. Sunny will shoot the first film in the second quarter of 2013 and the remaining will be shot later. READ MORE

Sex only with hubby: Sunny Leone
No matter what you think, Sunny Leone says she has sex only with her husband and manager, Daniel Weber. “I don’t work with any other men at all, I just shoot with him. So it’s not really awkward,” says the 31-year-old adult-film actor in the latest issue of HT Brunch Quarterly. FULL STORY

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Never condemned Sunny Leone: Sherlyn
In a recent interview, Sherlyn Chopra criticised Sunny Leone saying she's not the ultimate provocation. Now the Playmate says that she was misquoted and could never condemn Sunny Leone who's her inspiration behind taking up Playboy assignment. TWEETS INSIDE

Sunny Leone in a still from Jism 2

Sunny Leone sells her adult pictures
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SNOW WHITE! Sunny Leone seduces in lingerie
Pornstar Sunny Leone recently began her Bollywood journey with Pooja Bhatt's Jism 2. She packed all her charm while promoting the film in Delhi. And Hindustan Times has some super stills of this head turner! PICS INSIDE

Sunny Leone poses in a lingerie

Sunny Leone's Jism 2 rakes in moolah

Sunny Leone's Bollywood debut Jism 2 has succeeded to woo the box office despite a weak script and slow pace. It's Leone magic all the way, as the film made on a budget of Rs. 6-7 crore, has collected Rs. 21 crore nett on its opening weekend. TRADE REPORT

I want to work with Aamir: Sunny Leone
Apart from Salman Khan, Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone, who has made her Bollywood debut with Jism 2, would love to pair up with superstar Aamir Khan as well. DETAILS INSIDE

SunnySunny Leone's Jism 2: top 5 controversies
The film got embroiled in numerous controversies. While Sunny Leone's effigies were burnt in Amritsar yesterday, there're reports that the movie poster is copied. STORY INSIDE


After Jism 2, it's Ragini MMS 2 for Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone and she reveals that the shooting of the horror-thriller sequel will start in a few months.

"I love India. I am so happy I am here, I'll be staying here for a while. I have a lot of different projects coming up. Ragini MMS 2 is something we are going to start shooting by the end of this year," the 31-year-old said here Sunday at the announcement of her association with music company Saregama which will give its customers access to her content.

Taking about the preparations for Ragini MMS 2 and other projects, she said: "I'll be doing workshops here in India, I'll be doing them before Ragini MMS 2. I'll be taking dance classes, Hindi lessons, watching Hindi movies... It's like going back to school for me."

SunnyRagini MMS 2 is a sequel to Ekta Kapoor's 2011-film Ragini MMS which starred Kainaz Motivala and Raj Kumar Yadav.

Meanwhile, Sunny does not feel any heat from established Bollywood actresses.

"I don't like the word. Competition is something, unless it's in sports, it's kind of like a negative word, at least in my book. These women (actresses) work so hard. I know what goes into making a movie now," Sunny said.

"I know all these different appearances and other things that we do, it's a business and on top of that you have a lot of fun. But competition, everyone is in their own league and in their own space," she added.

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