Sunny Leone seduces Arunoday Singh in new Jism 2 song, Darta Hoon

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    Amidst controversies and protests, Sunny Leone's much-awaited Jism 2 finally hits the theatres.

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    Sunny Leone bares her back for Jism 2 new poster.

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    Erotic thriller Jism 2 has been passed with an A-certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), says director Pooja Bhatt, who is glad ...

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    "A certificate received for Jism 2. August 3 here we come! India just got itself an erotic thriller that truly reflects the times," tweeted Pooja ...

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    Jism 2 promises to be a steamier affair, and an adult certification might be befitting for it.

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    Sunny Leone poses seductively for the camera.

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    Sunny Leone looks pink hot in this picture.

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    Now that is one arresting image Sunny Leone.

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    Expect tons of skin show in Jism 2.

With every new song, Pooja Bhatt, the director of the erotic Jism 2, is scaling newer heights of on-screen sex appeal, visually delightful love-making and to a great extent- some good music, too.

In the newly released song, Darta Hoon, which is sung, written and composed by the Pakistani band Rushk, the art of quick seduction is the theme.

The entire song has a metal genre sound to it. It starts with an electric guitar riff, that builds up the anticipation for what is coming next.

In the video, Sunny Leone is entering a night club and looking around, when she spots the dashing and suited Arunoday Singh.

Sunny Leone, dressed in a blood red dress, with rather bold cuts to boast the adult star's cleavage and curvaceous body.

She moves around the bar, gulps down a drink and starts dancing to seduce the hunk, Arunoday Singh sitting in front of her.

The music, by then, has caught a lingering tempo and smoothly moves with the video of the song. The lyrics and the tune have a tempo which compliments the sexual tension building up between Sunny Leone and Arunoday Singh.

Sunny Leone steams it up with Arunoday Singh in a blood red dress in the song.

Consistent drumming, electric guitar riffs and contrasting vocals with a strong male sound and a mellow female tone go well with Arunoday's body language and the porcelain-like Sunny Leone.

The lyrics go like 'darta hoon mai tujh ko paane se' with the female singer replying, 'tere naal main jindadi laa baithi, na laandi te na pachtaandi'.

In the video also, the coming together of Sunny Leone and Arunoday Singh has the metaphor of them being forbidden fruits for each other. There is hesitation, but once Sunny Leone weaves her red magic, Arunoday Singh follows her to a room and intimacy follows.

Red seems to be a favourite for Sunny Leone.

Underneath her red scintillating dress, Sunny Leone is wearing black stocking with a garter and red lingerie. This completes all the elements required for an erotic, visually stimulating, steamy quotient. Maybe this introduces the garter to Bollywood, as not many heroines are seen wearing one.

The song is seductive with its tone and timing, and it pulls the listener into a trance. With a well-matched video, the song definitely raises the temperature. The roping in of a Pakistani band, which is a Pooja Bhatt usual, could be a bit of a wager for the Indian audience as the sound is unconventional.

Let us see how far does the Jism 2 magic reach with this one!

Not just Arunoday Singh, Sunny Leone is making temperatures soar with Randeep Hooda as well in Jism 2. SUNNY LEONE IN SHOWER WITH RANDEEP HOODA

Sunny Leone is creating a lot of buzz with her sensual performance and erotic stills from the upcoming movie Jism 2, directed by Pooja Bhatt. BUT, CAN SUNNY LEONE ACT?

Porn star-turned-actress Sunny Leone alights the screen in the new song from Jism 2. Looking quite promising, the curvaceous star gets intimate with Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh in a new track.


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