Tanu Weds Manu: Clichéd story, wonderful moments

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  • Updated: Feb 25, 2011 17:37 IST
  • Kangna

    Kangna and Madhavan bring the wedding flavour on screen with Tanu Weds Manu amidst shehnai and sweets. As the movie hits theatre today, here's a ...

  • Tanu Weds Manu

    Kangna Ranaut and R.Madhavan will be seen in Tanu Weds Manu.     

  • Tanu Weds Manu

    Tanu Weds Manu starrs Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut and Jimmy Shergill.

  • Tanu Weds Manu

    Tanu Weds Manu is an upcoming romantic comedy film directed by Anand Rai

  • Tanu Weds Manu

    Tanu Weds Manu is set for release on February 25, 2011.

  • Konkana Sen Sharma

    The film had been originally announced with Konkana Sen Sharma playing the lead role.

  • Krsna

    The music is composed by Krsna with lyrics written by Rajshekar.

  • Kangna

    Kangna plays a typical Punjabi girl who uses abusive language.

  • Madhavan

    Madhavan plays a sober NRI boy who is chosen by Tanu's parents for her.

Tanu Weds Manu, according to critics, has a cliched storyline, but has some unconventional and unpredictable situations. The narration of the story is slow according to some critics.

The storyline
"There is something missing to make it a perfect romantic comedy. First, the script is punctured, then their is no chemistry between Madhavan and Kangana and if that was not enough, the narrative doesn't flow at the desired pace - it's slower than it should be," writes IANS.

"Been there, done that? Yes, the first thing that strikes you about Tanu Weds Manu is a striking sense of familiarity. It wasn't long before you saw Shahid Kapoor playing a similar sacrificial lover to Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met. And like poor Kareena, who tries too sort out her confused emotions against the backdrop of the big fat Punjabi wedding, Tanu too must decide who is better husband material, first amidst the hustle bustle of her best friend's boisterous going-balle-balle baraat and then at her chaotic Kanpuria community haveli," says Nikhat Kazmi, The Times of India.

"Like his directorial debut Strangers, director Aanand L Rai opts for unconventional and unpredictable situations in Tanu Weds Manu. Of course, the fact that Tanu and Manu would tie the knot sooner or later is at the back of your mind, even before the reels have begun to unfold, but you want to experience their journey - their voyage from strangers to lovers," says Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama.

"Kangana's dialogue delivery puts you off and she lacks the spunk and spark to play the free bird that she is in the movie. In fact, Swara Bhaskar, who plays her friend Payal, holds the fort as the Bihari girl who is marrying a sardarji (Eijaz Khan) who also happens to be Manu's best friend," says IANS.

Not all are critical of Kangna's performace though. "But the star is undoubtedly Kangna Ranaut, who cusses, drinks Old Monk neat, smokes grass, and gets her boyfriend's name tattooed on her chest. Her expressive face is always way ahead of her alarming diction but few films have done as much justice to girl power as Tanu Weds Manu. "Why make pacemakers," she says at one point to the hapless Madhavan, "when I serve that purpose?" Indeed as she dances to Kajra Mohabbat Wala, rides a motorbike, utters Amitabh Bachchan-worthy dialogues (darti to main apne baap se bhi nahin hoon), she shows why she's her very own Jhansi ki Rani and her very own Sarojini Naidu, says Kaveree Bamzai, India Today.

"Even though Madhavan enacts the role of an NRI, he doesn't come across as a stereotypical phoren returned desi. He is real, restrained, yet forceful. To essay a character in such an understated manner is a challenge for any actor and he does it with complete understanding of the character. Unlike her past films, Kangna plays a part that has a zest for life and is bold and fun-loving at the same time. She's audacious, but lovable. Nonetheless, she needs to work on her pronunciation/diction, which sounds so peculiar," writes Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama

"Why should you watch Tanu Weds Manu? For R. Madhavan who will win you heart as a sweet lovable NRI doctor Manu who has the misfortune of falling in love with a Kanpur-girl Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) who not only rejects him as a suitor but also uses him to elope with her ruffian boyfriend," says IANS.


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