The six-pack is now a tyre: Kunal Kapoor

  • Don

    The wait is over! 'Don' Shah Rukh Khan and his Jangli Billi Priyanka Chopra have reached the theatre near you. Catch this Farhan Akhtar directed ...

  • Mujhko Pehchaan Lo

    In the song Mujhko Pehchaan Lo, unlike other music videos that have dance moves, this one has been shot like an action sequence.

  • SRK

    SRK flirts with a firang in the song Mujho Pehchan Lo.

  • Priyanka Chopra

    Priyanka Chopra would reprise the role of Roma from the first installment.

  • Priyanka Chopra and SRK

    Priyanka Chopra and SRK in a still from the song Dushman Mera.

  • Don

    The film was shot in India, Germany, Malaysia and Switzerland.

  • Don

    A still from the song Mujhko Pehchan Lo.

  • SRK

    After a long gap, SRK would be seen in a negative role.

  • SRK

    SRK will reprise the role of Don in the flick.

  • SRK

    The film marks Farhan Akhtar's return to direction after a gap of nearly 5 years.

He is getting rave reviews for his performance in Don 2, and actor Kunal Kapoor is in seventh heaven.

“The reactions have been wonderful, both for the movie and my role. When I read the script, I knew that it was not a long role in terms of screen time, but it would have an impact. And from the feedback I’ve got, I think I was right. The movie opened exceedingly well and the reviews are good… So all in all, we seem to be on a solid wicket,” he says. There was a lot of speculation around why the actor was not a part of the film’s promotions. He, however, clarifies, “I was missing but that’s simply because I was in Punjab shooting for a film called Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana (LSTCK). It was a hectic schedule and as much as I’d loved to have been part of the promotional work, unfortunately I could not take time out for it,” he says, adding that he loved shooting Don 2, though it involved dangerous stunts and harsh conditions.

“Don has been a lot of fun to make but at the same time, it was hard work too. It has some crazy gravity-defying stunts and we shot in really harsh conditions. We shot in Berlin during winter. It was -9 degrees and snowing when we shot the climax. I always judge how much I enjoyed a film by how sad I feel when it’s over. I felt horrible when this one was over.” More so because he bonded with lead actor Shah Rukh Khan. “SRK is a really easy guy to bond with.. As a person and a co-actor, he goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and is always willing to help you out as a co-star. He is not human though. He has a crazy amount of energy. A couple of days after hanging out with him, your like ‘I want some of what he is eating or breathing’.”

The actor has just returned a few kilos heavier from a two month schedule in Punjab where he was shooting for Anurag Kashyap’s LSTCK. “We live in a country obsessed with food, yet ironically, we’ve never made a film about food.. This is a film about a large joint Punjabi family, and a magical recipe that goes missing. It’s a family entertainer, but it has enough twists and turns and pushes the boundaries enough, for even someone like Anurag Kashyap to be interested. It’s our spin on the family entertainer. I’ve put on a bit of weight, specially around the midriff. The six pack is now a tyre.”


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