Vidya Balan gets mobbed during Kahaani promotions

Vidya Balan is playing the role of a pregnant woman in search of her husband.

Vidya Balan’s mission to find her missing husband ended on a rough note.

The actor, a heavily pregnant woman in search of her missing husband, kickstarted the promotions of her upcoming film, Kahaani, at a railway station in the city during the morning rush hour.

All was going well until the crowd turned unmanageable and she was whisked away from the venue in a private car to save her from getting mobbed.
However, the film’s spokesperson says “Vidya is bound to attract crowds, but the situation was in control. She finished the promotional activity and left the venue.”

Vidya distributed pamphlets with a sketch and details of her husband Arnab Bagchi, enquiring among the commuters about him, just like her character, Vidya Bagchi does in the film.
Director Sujoy Ghosh is very excited about the curiosity and interest his film is generating.

“We have planned many such mass activities to generate people’s interest in the movie. Vidya distributing the posters of her missing husband was well received by the audience. Now, they should wait for our next move,” he said.
Emraan Hashmi’s name is part of the cast and crew on various websites.

When asked if the actor is associated with the film, Sujoy jokingly said “Emraan is the missing husband who Vidya is searching for.” On a more serious note, he said Emraan had nothing to do the film.


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