Viewers' movie review: Mickey Virus is no Vicky Donor

  • Manish Paul

    Manish Paul came to HT House to promote his latest film Mickey Virus. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Manish Paul

    TV host-turned-actor Manish Paul at HT House to promote his latest film Mickey Virus. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Pooja

    Puja Gupta also accompanied Manish Paul. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Manish Paul

    Manish Paul is a popular anchor of shows like Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Manish Paul

    Mickey Virus is set to release on October 25. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Manish Paul

    Manish Paul is all smiles as he promotes Mickey Virus. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Puja

    Puja Gupta promotes her latest film. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Pooja, Manish

    Puja Gupta plays Chutney in Mickey Virus. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Manish Paul

    Manish Paul makes a point as he promotes his film Mickey Virus in HT House. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

  • Manish Paul

    Mickey Virus is a debut Bollywood film for Manish Paul. (HT photo/Waseem Gashroo)

Critics have trashed director Saurabh Varma's Mickey Virus, but praised Manish Paul's performance. The audiences more or less agree with the critics, calling the movie China ka maal. Here's the viewers' take on the film.

Nikhil Arora
Write it, Cut It, Paste It, Save It
Rating: **
Verdict - Mickey Virus tries too hard

The first impression of Mickey Virus is that it is trying too hard to be a Vicky Donor (2012). From the wannabe quirky first half, you can clearly decrypt its intentions. The corollary of this is that the first impression is also the last one. Post intermission, it decides to turn into a thriller, or at least tries extremely hard to be one. Ultimately, each ingredient seems forced, the by-products seem contrived and nothing lucrative is left as residue.

The film opens with a song, which goes something like “Pyaar china ka maal hai”. This annoying lyric is repeated endlessly throughout the rest of the film, finishing touches are given by dubstep. The opening song also has the G word in it, which is surprisingly not censored here, but when Honey Singh does it - it’s high treason.


Aneela Zeb Babar
System reboot
Rating: **
Verdict - Bad things DO happen when you eat chowmein

System Reboot kiya. System hi hang hogaya.

The reviews had me forewarned that I will be watching a China Ka Maal of Vicky Donor. But perhaps I walked into a theatre that was running a pirated version of C.I.D—where the 30 minutes format has been stretched to 130 minutes.

So Mickey Arora/Mickey Virus is a hacker who when not defying the khap panchayat and eating chowmein in Dilli is friends with a motleycrew of twenty somethings who create viruses for companies, pick up the odd job from college students. There is also a “Professor”, a Harvard returned disgruntled techie who gives weekly gyaan in a derelict basement(the movie doesn’t specify whether he is also waiting for his AAP party membership).

Hardeep Singh Chakkiwaala
Don’t get infected. This is no Vicky Donor, but China Ka Maal.
Rating: **

With a new and different subject like IT and hacking, it could have been a pure thriller, with twists like Race and location better than Nehru Place and Lahori Gate police station but our director thought otherwise. He tried to make a comedy which turns into a thriller in the second half but fails. With a catchy title like Mickey Virus, a debut actor like Manish Paul and a scrathing-his-ass-creek scene in the beginning, it seemed solid. But I came out thinking what director Saurabh Varma has tried to make. A comedy? Thriller? Or Romantic? Just like Besharam, the movie didn’t justify any. Like Phata Poster Nikla Hero, the only good thing was the male lead, Manish Paul. Although he was a bit over the top but it's fine since it was his debut. While Vicky Donor was fun, this movie left me wondering what to expect.




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