Vikram Bhatt to make another film with Bipasha Basu

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    Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu stands near the autorickshaws during the promotion of her upcoming horror flick Raaz 3 in Mumbai recently. (PTI Photo)

  • bipasha

    Bipasha Basu is busy hanging nimbu-mirchi on autorickshaws for Raaz 3 as a part of promotions.

  • bipasha

    Bipasha Basu poses during a promotional event for her film Raaz 3 in Mumbai recently. (AFP Photo)

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    Bipasha Basu seduces and scares at the same time in Raaz 3 trailers. The movie that releases next week will see the bongshell with Emraan ...

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    Bips wears a traditional Bengali sari while promoting Raaz 3.

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    A cake depicts Emraan romancing Bipasha and Esha.

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    Bipasha and Emraan pose with the special Raaz 3 cake.

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    Bipasha doesn't look like her character though.

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    Bipasha poses with her mom and dad.

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    Bipasha Basu performs a puja.

Here's some news that should bring some respite to Bipasha Basu who was hospitalized on Wednesday. After the success of Raaz 3, Vikram Bhatt is writing another horror-thriller for Bipasha in the central role. This project would be launched as soon the scripting is done. In fact Vikram, who was supposed to next direct the true-life medical thriller entitled The Ankur Arora Murder Case, has handed over the directorial reins of that project to Suhail Tatari who is currently shooting the thriller with K. K. Menon, Tisca Chopra and Arjun Mathur in the lead.

The problem is how to take Bipasha's image of the demonical diva beyond Raaz 3? Says a source close to both Bipasha and Vikram Bhatt, "Vikram already has a germ of an idea which he will develop on his holiday with his daughter in London and Scotland next week. It will be an out-and-out grey role and will give Bipasha an even more shocking image than Raaz 3. But no, it isn't Raaz 4." that Vikram Bhatt is indeed writing a film for her, Bipasha said, "To be called a 'Tigress' is an amazing compliment. I am out of the hospital. I am much better now. I was suffering from viral fever, exhaustion and had a blackout. Hopefully I'll be fully recovered soon."

Confirming his plans for Bipasha, Vikram Bhatt said, "I think I owe to myself and to her to do another film with Bipasha right away. It's amazing how hard she worked on the film and look at the end-results. Like they say, no pain no gain. Both of us have gone through our share of turmoil."

Vikram is a little baffled at the critical response to Raaz 3, "Horror is still regarded as somewhat chee-chee by the elite class. Never mind. Only I know how difficult it is to put together a massy film. Friends who read my blog and columns every week wonder how I could make such a lowbrow film. But believe me; it's far tougher to address yourself to the masses than to the intelligentsia. I am not the least apologetic about my partiality to horror, especially now when Raaz 3 is my biggest hit. We have a lot to be thankful for."

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