Vivek Oberoi goes nude for film

Remember Abhay Deol’s hilarious topless scene in Sanjay Khanduri’s Ek Chalis Ki Last Local? Now, in Gyrah Chalis Ki Last Metro, a sequel to the 2007 hit, Vivek Oberoi is likely to go a step further by doing a full monty.

Apparently, one of the crucial and hilarious scenes in the film requires the protagonist (Vivek) to strip down to his boxers to save his life. At one point, his boxers too will be taken away.Vivek Oberoi

The makers plan to shoot the scene in a Delhi hostel among college students, and not on a set with actors. Largely based in Delhi, the film, produced by Amit Chandrra of Invincible Entertainment, will see Vivek playing a Punjabi boy.

Before narrating this scene to Vivek, Khanduri thought the actor might be uneasy enacting the scenes, so he decided to use a body double. However, Sanjay was surprised when Vivek refused to use the body double and insisted on enacting the scene himself.

Confirms Khanduri: “We are making Vivek do something he has never attempted before. But knowing him, we are sure he can pull it off perfectly. We will take a final call on the edit table, in terms of how much skin show is necessary.”

Interestingly, Vivek hasn’t only agreed to go by the script, but is also willing to shed all the bulk he has put on for his new film, Zilla Ghaziabad. He aims to get a lean look for this film. For a similar scene in the first film, Ek Chalis Ki Last Local, Khanduri spent a lot of time persuading Abhay to go topless. So, he was a bit skeptical this time. “We are really looking forward to shooting it. It sounds like a lot of fun,” says producer Chandrra.


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