We failed to find a vulnerable, good actor in Bollywood for Raja Natwarlal: Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi and Humaima Malick on the poster of Raja Natwarlal.

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi was in Jaipur on Monday to promote his upcoming film Raja Natwarlal.

Directed by Kunal Deshmukh, the movie is scheduled for release on August 29. Along with 35-year-old Hashmi, the movie stars Paresh Rawal, Kay Kay Menon and Pakistani actor Humaima Malik. 

In a candid chat with HT City, Hashmi speaks about his latest flick, his leading lady, and his dream of holidaying in Jaipur.

On Raja Natwarlal
Raja Natwarlal is about a small time fraudster, who is romantically involved with a bar dancer. I call it a rom-con film. It has both romance and conning in it. The film talks about how the lead character Raja goes about tricking people. Later when his close friend dies, his emotional side is revealed. He finds out that an extremely dangerous man has killed his friend and swears to take revenge. But Raja, the small time conman, is nothing in front of the giant villain.

He then learns bigger ways of conning in order to beat the villain in his own game. It is a completely entertaining film. A purely paisa vasool movie.

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On Paresh Rawal
He is a fantastic actor. He is a retired, big-time conman and plays my guru in the film. He teaches me the intricacies of conning so that I can fight the villain. It was a treat working with him. His character is just out of the world.

On Humaima Malik
She plays the role of a bar dancer with  whom I am romantically involved. She has done a fantastic job. Humaima is originally from Karachi and she was chosen for the film because we were looking for a charming, vibrant, vulnerable, and good actor, and we failed to find one in Bollywood, which is when Humaima came to audition. We really liked her. She is truly the one girl who has all the characteristics of the character Zia.

On Conning
I truly believe conning is unethical and should not be patronised. While Raja is a conman, he is a man of morale as well. He refrains from conning honest men, women and children. He takes up conning for his needs but doesn’t not harm the good ones. The movie is more about the emotional side of a fraudster. It does not have the hardcore technicalities of conning, nor does it promote any.

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On Holidaying in Jaipur
Jaipur is such a beautiful city. It is a dream to holiday in Jaipur. I have been to the city (Jaipur) several times. In fact a majority of my 2007 movie Awwarapan was shot here, but I have never holidayed here. Besides, I also love the scrumptious food that the city offers. Lal Maas is one of my favourite dishes that is served here.

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