We fall in love with people’s imperfections: Fawad Khan

  • Debasmita Ghosh, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 18, 2014 20:05 IST

His dreamy eyes have already taken the nation by storm. Be it for the bratty Zaroon or the ­passionate Ashar that he portrays on the small screen, Fawad Khan has undoubtedly become synonymous with everything even remotely ‘romantic’. In reality, ­however, Fawad doesn’t claim to be an expert on relationships. “I’m no Dr Phil…but I would say the secret to a successful relationship is never perceive any person as perfect. Accept them with their ­imperfections,” says the Pakistani actor, who’s happily married to his teenage crush, Sadaf.

The 32-year-old Lahore-born, who spent his childhood across the globe in Greece, Saudi Arabia and UK, doesn’t even want to brag about being perfect, himself. “I’m sure I have a lot of imperfections, my wife has imperfections… strangely enough, those are the imperfections that you fall in love with, they’re called idiosyncrasies, and ­recognising them is ­important. If there are certain things you don’t like, talk about it and figure them out. That I think is the strongest thing in any ­relationship — this level of understanding. And of course, you have to be friends first before being companions, and then companions first before being ­married. So, this, I think, should be the order,” he says in his rich ­baritone that has caught the fancy of his admirers. But how is he coming to terms with this new bunch of admirers across the ­border? “Well, I feel ­flattered. It’s an amazing feeling, though I can’t taste the fruit,” he jokes, and then once again adds in jest, “But you might find out after a while, maybe I’ll start ­reciprocating!”

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Fawad indeed is far from the prim and serious lad he comes across on screen. In fact, he even clears the air about being ­anywhere close to the uptight ­and suave ­royalty he plays in his Bollywood debut ­alongside actor Sonam Kapoor. “No, I’m not ­boring,” he says with a smile, while adding, “You might just see me play a ‘gully ka launda’ in my next film.”

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