Why Bipasha Basu may not have boyfriends

  • Roshmila Bhattacharya, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Aug 30, 2012 18:49 IST
  • The Raaz franchise just got hotter! With one star each from the previous Raaz films, the third installment is a romantic-horror-thriller directed by Vikram Bhatt. ...

  • Bipasha Basu has taken her hotness quotient a notch higher in Raaz 3.

  • Bipasha Basu sizzles in Kya Raaz Hai from Raaz 3.

  • Expectations are high from Bipasha Basu whose character has a shade of grey.

  • Emraan Hashmi would be back to doing what he does best i.e. getting intimate with his leading ladies on screen.

  • "Yes, I am romantically involved with both Bipasha and Esha in the film. Three are love making scenes as well but there is nothing kinky ...

  • Her last film was Jodi Breakers earlier this year, but Bipasha Basu agrees that Raaz 3 is her true comeback vehicle" "It's definitely a new ...

  • Raaz 3

    After a big break in Jannat 2 opposite Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta is back with Raaz 3.

  • Esha Gupta replaced original choice Jacqueline Fernandez to be a part of Raaz 3.

  • Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is confident about the success of his upcoming film Raaz 3 and feels it will make it to the 100 crore club.

When Vikram Bhatt signed Bipasha Basu for Raaz 3D he advised her to find herself a boyfriend before the film wraps up. “Because once it releases, men are going to be too scared to date you,” he predicted.

Recalling the prophecy, the actor says,” I have no idea if I’ve managed to get myself a steady (boyfriend) yet, but one thing’s for sure, even I’m frightened of Shanaya (her character) and her manic laughter.”

Bipasha admits that Raaz 3D is the scariest film she’s done and once it was over she had planned to pick up a project that was light and entertaining. But she surprised everyone by giving the nod to another supernatural thriller, Aatma.

“It belongs to the same genre, but Aatma is different from Raaz 3D and will give me a chance to face my darkest fears. Hopefully, by the end of Aatma, I will be a little less of a darpok (scaredy-cat).”

Contrary to speculations, she’s not playing a ghost in Raaz 3D or Aatma. “But who knows, maybe in the next film I will be back from the dead,” she says with a laugh, adding, “For the moment, I’m hoping that Raaz 3D will celebrate a golden jubilee like my second film, Raaz (2002).”

The actor adds, “That would compensate for the fact that I had to dig deep into my conscience to play this dark character who is expected to drive the men away.”

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