Why is Salman Khan staying away from Hollywood?

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  • Updated: Jul 05, 2012 18:34 IST
  • Salman Khan

    Known for his big heart, actor Salman Khan, along with father Salim Khan, visited his injured crew after a mishap at Mehboob Studio on the ...

  • Salman Khan

    Salman Khan stands outside the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai on June 23, 2012. (AP Photo)

  • Salman-Dabangg 2

    It is alleged that a fire broke out due to a short circuit in Mehboob studio while filming a scene from the movie Dabangg 2. ...

  • Salman-Dabangg 2

    The incident took place during the shoot of an action sequence that involved a car which jumped further than it was supposed to. It landed ...

  • Salman has called off Sunday’s shoot

    A source says, “Salman has called off Sunday’s shoot. Only once all the safety measures are in place and he is completely satisfied with them, ...

  • Salman Khan

    The actor was so worried that he promptly got his crew admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Bandra. Only once he was convinced that they were ...

  • Salman

    Only once Salman was convinced that the injured crew was in good hands, did he leave for Mehboob Studio. Within 10 minutes post that, Salman ...

  • Salman

    Salman apparently came back to give the filmmakers strict orders that, no matter how long it takes, all safety measures needed to be double-checked and ...

  • Salman

    Salman drove an injured person to the nearby hospital. No serious injury has been reported so far. (AP Photo)

He was voted the seventh-best-looking man in the world and the best looking man in India by US's People magazine in 2004 -- but Salman Khan has maintained his distance from Hollywood, and says he has his reasons.

The Bollywood star unleashed his funny side when asked about the reason at an event organised by Indo-American Chamber Of Commerce (IACC) Wednesday.

"All my friends who have gone to America, they don't even want to come back for a holiday, wonder why. I am an actor, those guys were the 'sensible' ones, educated - engineers, doctors, scientists. These guys went there and made a lot of money, respect," he said.

"Me, I am giving Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, all these guys a chance. Otherwise...poor guys," the 46-year-old said here in a humourous way.

Salman also targeted Hollywood films. "Amazing movies, they make anything look good. Like for example the names I took, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise. We just go on emotions and heart. We overdo anything, I mean guys like us also look really bad," said Salman.

He wrapped up the response with his arch-rival, superstar Shah Rukh Khan's famous dialogue from My Name Is Khan: "I mean my name is actually Khan and I actually am not a terrorist."

Besides Salman, actress Nargis Fakhri was also present at the event, where Tata Consultancy Services was formally honoured as the overall best Indian Company operating in the US at the 8th Indo American Corporate Excellence Awards.


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