With Action Jackson releasing within few days, Ajay Devgn is tired of promotions

  • Namita S Kalla, Hindustan Times, Jaipur
  • Updated: Nov 17, 2014 11:26 IST

Ajay Devgn, the Singham of Bollywood, was in Jaipur to promote his upcoming film Action Jackson. While his tiredness was clearly visible, the star did talk about everything from films, to promotions, and owning a team for Tennis League.

Promotions are tiring
The versatile actor feels that promoting a film is far tougher than acting in it. "Film promotions take a toll on us. We need to travel so much, and go on answering the same questions again and again. It literally tires us." he said with tired face, a dull tone, and more than less enthusiasm.

Away from monotony
"I dislike being monotonous in my acting and believe in doing different roles. I have loved experimenting with comedy, drama, emotion, or action. This time I have tried dance and drama. Also I have done a lot of action films but in this movie people will see me fighting with a sword, which again we hope will be a treat to watch."

Dance pe chance
While he willingly dances to his daughters tunes, Devgn is happy that his daughter finally liked his dance. "For the first time my daughter actually liked my dance. I am glad that I took up the chance to dance. Though I was a little apprehensive about the dance factor in the film, but later agreed knowing that Prabhu Dheva will deal with it."

Working on a biopic
"This maybe a trend now, but I have already done a biopic in the past. I did Bhagat Singh. And if I am approached with any interesting script in the future, I will certainly take up the challenge of portraying a legend yet again."

Owning a team in Tennis League
Joining the bandwagon of Bollywood stars, those who own various sports teams, Devgn expressed his happiness on co-owning the Delhi franchisee of the Champions Tennis League (CTL). " I was born in Delhi, and I am so happy that own the Delhi team and can promote a wonderful game like tennis."

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