Working with Salman will be an experience in itself: Deepika Padukone

  • Prashant Singh, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Oct 15, 2014 09:55 IST

She has shared screen space with some of Bollywood’s biggest stars, but Deepika Padukone is yet to do a film with Salman Khan.

Despite several attempts, their casting has somehow never worked out. As the actor awaits the release of her next with Shah Rukh Khan (Happy New Year), she chats about being part of his so-called camp, working with Salman, being part of the ongoing 16th Mumbai Film Festival and more.

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Your next film is your third one with SRK. Buzz is that you’re part of his camp now, and that’s the reason you haven’t worked with Salman yet?

Has Shah Rukh put me under lock and key that is keeping me from working with any other actor? That’s absolutely not true. I’ve had my own individual equations with people right from the start. I have never taken anyone’s side or belonged to any camp. I have worked with almost every actor and every producer.

Salman has said in the past that when you work with him he will relaunch you…

Forget the film and who will direct it; I believe working with Salman will be an experience in itself, and I would love to go through that (smiles).

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Do you think not getting to work with Salman at the start of your career was a miss?

We’ve been offered many films in the past. The first movie that was proposed to me was alongside Salman. At that point, I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t even an actor then. Unfortunately, every film that we have tried to associate in after that, hasn’t worked out for different reasons. Salman and I aren’t going anywhere. I am sure there will be more opportunities.

Was Shah Rukh Khan as protective during your soon to be released film as he was in your first, Om Shanti Om (2007)?

He was the same. Although we have done three films together, including Happy New Year, I feel that Chennai Express (2013) was a very special film for us. In many ways that film brought us even closer than our first film together.

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Recently, you wished Katrina Kaif on her birthday. Rumours suggest that you now want to befriend her. Is that true?

It saddens me to know that something as basic as a birthday wish is being questioned. I have been brought up in a certain way. When you walk in, should I not say hello to you? Similarly, when it’s someone’s birthday, you wish them. Have we all forgotten how to be real?

Female actors seem to be getting along better nowadays...

I don’t think as people we are here to pull each other down. When we praise or appreciate someone, I would like to believe that everyone genuinely means it.

Are you working with Homi Adajania on a film and also on the remake of The Fault In Our Stars?

Yes, I am doing the remake, but it’s at a very early stage. I enjoyed the film; and it stayed with me. And, as part of the VogueEmpower initiative, Homi and I have decided to make a film on women’s empowerment.

You are also lending your support to the Mumbai Film Festival….

For Indian cinema to reach out to a larger audience — not to say that it doesn’t already — and to support our own festival, we should all come together and do much more for it. The fest is comparatively newer than other popular film festivals, so it will take time. As an individual, I’m doing whatever I can. And I know that a lot of other actors, directors and producers have also contributed to it, not just financially, but also in terms of awareness.

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