Yeh Hai Bakrapur trailer: Shahrukh is a bakra in this film

A still from the film Yeh Hai Bakrapur.

Janaki Vishwanathan's film Yeh Hai Bakrapur tells the story of a goat called Shahrukh who is the cynosure of all eyes. A social-political satire, the film is also a hilarious take on the complex belief systems in our society and the conflicts that ensue thereon.

The trailer starts with a villager narrating the story of how Shahrukh, the goat was born. The villagers of Bakrapur consider Shahrukh lucky for them, and adores him.

"Shahrukh koi aisa waisa bakra nahi hai, special hai, farishta hai," says one of them.

We wonder if the goat has been named after superstar Shahrukh Khan.

"It has nothing to do with Shah Rukh Khan. You see people have a tendency to name their pet animals after actors or someone they love. The goat is integral to the story so we needed a name for it... something catchy," Vishwanathan had said in an interview when asked if it is an attempt to poke fun at Khan.

"You see, the name is just Shah Rukh which literally means face of the Emperor," she added.

The trailer though claims that 'this summer being bakra is better than being human'. We wonder if that has something to do with Salman Khan!

The 90-minute film, scripted and directed by Vishwanathan, stars Anshuman Jha, Asif Basra, Faiz Khan, Shameen Khan and Suruchi Aulakh.


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