1838: Indians’ first journey to British Guyana

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  • Updated: Apr 14, 2014 21:02 IST

A book, widely believed to be the first known literary piece to provide a documented chronology of the perilous journey of the first group of Indians to have arrived in Guyana from India in 1838, is now schedule for release in India next month.

The book, titled 1838, is written by renowned Guyanese novelist, Dennis E. Adonis, with historic information assistance from the Royal Commonwealth Society at the University of Cambridge in England, and the Indian Organisation for Diaspora Initiatives, among others.

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It is expected to be published in English, as well as Hindi. Boasting a nineteenth century cover outlook, the book is the first direct literary piece that documents the pre and post journey and life of Indians, who are the foundation of almost the entire Indo-Guyanese diasporas.

­He ­suggests that by today’s ­standards, early British merchants may have been guilty of crimes against humanity and human trafficking during the shuttling of indentured ­servants from India to Guyana.

In this book, Adonis seeks to relay these occurrences in a chronological story format.

Title: 1838
Author: Dennis E. Adonis
Publisher: Learning Tree Publishing
Price: 585

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