2003 Quiz Book

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  • Updated: Feb 05, 2003 12:27 IST

2003 Quiz Book
Stanley David
Penguin Books
New Delhi, 2002
Price: Rs 195

Do you know which breed of dogs was allowed to enter the British Parliament by a decree passed by King Charles II? Or from which comic strip did the Marx brothers get their first names? Or what significant occasion is celebrated on February 17?

Yet another quiz book from Penguin this year, this time a general quiz book that ‘covers a wide spectrum of information drawn from diverse areas of interest.’

The range of subjects in indeed diverse, from Alcoholic Drinks to Xmas traditions, from Philosophers to Femme Fatales, with James Bond, Jazz, Jewellery and JRR Tolkien thrown in, the book seems to something for everyone. The book has over a thousand questions, divided into about 90 sets of specialized subjects and 23 sets of ‘Mixed Bags’.

The sets however seem to be of uneven level. While some of the sets are sure to challenge even the expert in the field eg Crime and Criminals, others like the sets on the United Nations or Dinosaurs seem to be easier to attempt.

Although the stress is on international subjects, there are India specific subjects too.

For a quiz buff, the book will be a welcome addition.

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