Are you excited? Shantaram's sequel to release in October

  • Deepshikha Bhattacharyya, Hindustan Times, Kolkata
  • Updated: Mar 13, 2015 18:26 IST

The sequel to Gregory David Roberts' much-loved novel Shantaram finally has a release date. The long-awaited novel, The Mountain Shadow, will release on October 13 globally.

Priced at Rs 899, The Mountain Shadow will not only be a sequel but will equally be a standalone novel. Shantaram is narrated by Lin, an Australian heroin addict convicted of robbery, who escapes from a prison and reinvents himself as a doctor in the slums of Bombay.

The Mountain Shadow begins two years after the events in Shantaram. Bombay is a different world, playing by different rules. Lin's search for love and faith leads him through secret and violent intrigues to the dangerous truth. A love story told with hope and humor, a personal struggle for redemption and a philosophical quest for the wisdom of our common humanity.

On a post on his Facebook page, Roberts said that he is on the 13th rewrite of new book, adding "The Mountain Shadow is a very different novel to Shantaram. The pace is much faster, the dialogue is funnier, kinda like the truth in pyjamas, and more directly intimate, the action is aplenty, all the stuff I reserved for this novel when I was writing Shantaram, and the conversation between the narrator, Lin, and the readers, you guys, is tighter, tougher, and much more profound. Well, at least, that's what I'm aiming for in this evolved GDR style. I'm hoping you love it, of course, and read the damn thing twice, because once just wasn't enough."

It has taken Roberts 10 years to write The Mountain Shadow and Hachette will be publishing the book in India.

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