Book recalls role of Tripura in Bangladesh liberation war

  • PTI, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 03, 2014 18:46 IST

The "unparalleled" contribution of Tripura in the liberation war of Bangladesh is the subject of a new book.

In Contribution of Tripura in the Liberation War of Bangladesh, Bangladeshi author and human rights activist Salam Azad recalls how the north-eastern state provided support to liberation war heroes and lakhs of refugees in the form of food and shelter.

He decided to write about Tripura's contribution after he heard the story of a poor farmer who, despite finding it difficult to make ends meet, offered food and shelter to refugees fleeing Bangladesh.

Contribution of Tripura in the Liberation War of Bangladesh is a continuation of Azad's previous two books Contribution of India in the War of Liberation of Bangladesh and Role of Indian people in Liberation War of Bangladesh.

In all these books, he talks about the sacrifices made by Indian soldiers and people during the war.

He says the war cost the Indian government about Rs 7,000Crore and claimed the lives of about 3,630 Indian soldiers while about 9,856 were injured.

He was provided a scholarship by the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies for the book, published by Bookwell.

"This scholarship helped me to complete the field work, paper work and finally the manuscript," he says.
"Tripura's role is a very important aspect in the liberation of Bangladesh. It is unparalleled. It is very important for people, especially writers, to write or document about the role of people of Tripura in the formation of Bangladesh," Azad told PTI.

He says the people of Tripura even spared their beds and extended their educational institutions to accommodate the refugees of Bangladesh.

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