Book review: Bon voyage

There is something fascinating about France that makes it a dream destination for every Indian. Be it a foodie or someone who loves to see rich history or just indulge in the latest fashion, there is something for everybody here. This book has information for all kinds of tourists. Those who are looking to indulge or those who want to go backpacking; there are various options for all. 

Sections dedicated to every province with details on where to stay, eat, shop or commute, makes it easier to plan your sojourn here.

While cities such as Paris and Bordeaux are well known destinations, there are places most of us would not know about. Solving this problem, the book gives information on why one must visit a particular region and what is worth seeing in that place. A book that understands the mind set of Indians who go abroad and convert every money transaction in rupees, the approximate prices given are very useful.

Price: Rs 595
Author: Sabira Coelho
Published by: Lonely Planet
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