Book review: meows massage the heart

  • Arpita Kala, None
  • Updated: May 20, 2014 19:39 IST

Title: Suki
Author: Suniti Namjoshi
Price: Rs 299
Publisher: Penguin India

Piercing, unflinching stares that can make you question your own existence, fitful naps after a hard day of being superior to the human race and occasional presents of freshly-killed rodents from the garden — if you have ever owned or spent considerable time with a feline, you are sure to be familiar with these catty traits. This autobiographical novel of sorts is about a lilac Burmese cat, Suki, and the many meaningful conversations and moments she shares with her owner about life, philosophy and much more.

Namjoshi’s portrayal of the monologues one often has with their pet as well as the well-thought out ‘supposed’ replies of the feline in the novel, are endearing. An ideal weekend read, we are certain if you aren’t a cat lover already, this humourous yet poignant-at-times insight into Suki’s life is sure to make you have a change of heart.

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