Book review: Mystic Musings

It’s no surprise for a coffee-table travel book to have breathtaking pictures, but Garhwal Himalayas: Chorus of Solitude, will not let you take your eyes off it even for a moment. Right from its cover, the book has approximately 80 shots of different places of the spectacular Garhwal region. The book is touted to be the last photo-documentary on the Garhwal region before the June floods this year, that devastated the region.

Written and edited by art curator Alka Raghuvanshi, the anthology contains short and crisp mythical stories, alongside the pictures, some familiar and some not so much. One such example is the author’s journey to the temple of Kedarnath, where she explains the interiors of the temple in extensive detail that almost transports you there, in person. Throughout the book, the language remains simple and the phrasing, well-structured. While the photographs are ethereal, you do wish at times that they were better edited. Not that it takes away from any of the magic created by the photographer, Sanjay Sharma, though. This is a good read for all nature lovers, and those who like to explore new places.
Title: Garhwal Himalayas: Chorus of Solitude
Publisher: Shubhi Publications
Author: Alka Raghuvanshi, Sanjay Sharma
Price: Rs.2500
Torsha Sen

A slice of life from good ol’ college
Anyone who’s ever attended regular college would relate to the instances quoted in the book. From the uncertainty of life’s goals to the insecurity in love, the story takes a dip into the collage of emotions of an urban college student. A light read, the book is the story of youthful dreams. It’s the story of six so called ‘bindaas’ youngsters of today — Viraat, Sandy, Karan, Mallika, Preeto and Vandana — who from a distance look happy and content, but are confused about where their lives will take them after they get the MBA degree.

While Mallika is the common love interest of all the boys, the story sees a shade of rivalry when they all try to woo her. Viraat, the main protagonist of the story, is a young and vibrant boy who loses his dream in the entire process and toils to chase it. While all others move on to find jobs and partners, he is left without any. The story takes an interesting turn when all six meet after a year only to find that others too chose not to follow those ‘college time’ dreams since these weren’t worth it.
Title: The Dream Chasers
Author: Vipul Mittra
Publisher: Random House India
Price: Rs.199
Vaishali Bhambri


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