Book review: The Big Fix

With the emergence of domestic T20 cricket and the infamous cases of fixing, authors nowadays have a ready plot when it comes to writing about the sport. However, Vikas Singh, in his debut — The Big Fix, has explored a new genre altogether.

Set against the backdrop of match-fixing, this cricketing thriller revolves around Shaurya Chauhan (captain of a T20 team) and Mitakshara (a crime reporter). As the story unfolds from three perspectives – Shaurya’s, Mitakshara’s and briefly from ‘The Player’s’ — the reader gets to know about the murkier side of the gentleman’s game.

Shaurya, who is struggling to perform well as there are talks that he may be  replaced, discovers that he’s the prime suspect in an assault on the team’s coach. Mitakshara, on the other hand, is trying to solve the mystery with the in-hand evidence and is convinced of Shaurya’s guilt. Amid all the speculations, the sub-plots provide twists and turns that keep the reader engaged. Overall, an interesting read with vivid descriptions of characters and events.


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