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  • Medha Shri Dahiya, None
  • Updated: Aug 11, 2015 17:38 IST

Title: India On My Platter
Author: Saransh Goila
Price: `295
Publisher: Om Books International

Two of the most common wishes in the world are travel and good food. In his latest book, ­celebrity chef and food ­consultant Saransh Goila has tried to serve both, as he lives his dream of discovering not just ­recipes but also new places.

The book is his record of the ­delicious food journey he ­undertakes, starting from Delhi, ­covering about 60 ­cities, in 25 states, and 20,000 ­kilometers in 100 days, resulting in 50 mostly authentic ­recipes from different corners.

The recipes are simply listed and in a manner which is easy to follow. From yellow daal to Hyderabadi Gobhi Mussalam Biryani and more, there is a lot to choose from. The ­writing style is simple. However, there is no table of contents, which means one has to sift through the whole book for the favourite recipe or earmark the one you’d want to try.

Each of the ­regional dishes is a ­specialty of that place. The ­preparation style, the ingredients and the recipes are original and sourced from those who have been making it for generations. However, some have the writer’s twist too. Nevertheless, the culinary experiments listed are worth a shot.

As for the travel bit, well, it reads more like a diary entry with a great deal of personal touch and individual impressions. Not a ­brilliant ­travelogue, but the chef’s experience of ­cooking with everyone— from the dhabawalas to the royals— is a fresh breath of air.

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