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Books to look forward to...

From an office comedy to a tribute to curry, there is an eclectic mix of books to whet your appetite this time. Read on to know more.

books Updated: Apr 04, 2011 10:55 IST

From an office comedy to a tribute to curry, there is an eclectic mix of books to whet your appetite this time. Read on to know more.

Romancing the Microphone: Be a Radio Jockey (Non-Fiction)

Written in an easy to understand, conversational style, this book offers valuable advice on how to be a Radio Jockey, also explaining the history of FM in India, the pre-requisites of being a good RJ, classifications of RJ's, and career opportunities available in radio. Since it is written by a radio jockey, it offers an exciting insider's view of the industry.

RJ-ing is now a much sought-after profession. This book is well-researched, and has a highly readable style. The little jingles and quotes that the author adds to the chapters make it a fun read.

Chopped Green Chillies In Vanilla Ice Cream

Chinmoy Bose is a slightly overweight adolescent devoted to family and friends in a humble neighbourhood in Kolkata.  But when his parents win an unexpected lottery the family moves to an affluent part of the city.  At Vanilla Apartments, he meets the best friends of his life and acquires the nickname, Tiger.  The lives of highrise house misfits, wannabees and vamps are like chopped green chillies in vanilla ice cream. There is never a dull day for Tiger and his four spirited friends, Kirit, Robin, Signal and Pluto at Vanilla Apartments. Tiger observes complex lives in transitioning middle-class India and begins to nurse the desire to rise out of his humble beginnings.  He pines to leave the country for the perceived riches awaiting him on American shores.  But will a surprising betrayal short circuit his dreams?  Tiger's journey is filled with deceit and loyalty, heartbreak and hope.

Paper Bastion and other stories

Paper Bastion and other stories is an insightful collection of tales based on themes as varied as the suffering of women to the alienation of Kashmiri diaspora. The characters are ordinary people; simple, yet their lives are complicated due to situations beyond their control. Their stories strike an instant chord with the reader. The author skilfully brings out their suppressed anger and helplessness, compelling readers to view life itself with a fresh perspective.

Art of Buying House Property

The Knowledge of reality, in the present context, is as essential asset. Art of Buying House Property is the first comprehensive book on the housing segment. It is the perfect guide for those who are looking to invest theur savings in the house of their dreams in a cost-effective way, so that it turns into a rewarding investment over time. Using simple, lucid language, supported by industry ex'erts' quotes, the book critically evaluates the latest options in the housing segment, the legal issues related to land, town planning regulations, the impact of socio economic factors and government master plans to ensure a trouble-free purchase for you. Its useful tips will make you an expert on property-related matter. Be smart - a wise investment in property can make you rich!

The Lotus Queen

Queen Padmini's life in Chittor, the capital of the Rajput Kingdom of Mewar, is rudely shattered by the arrival of the Sultan of Delhi. Smitten by her beauty and obsessed with the desire to possess her, he lays siege to the city. As the Rajputs are pushed to the brink of destruction, Padmini faces a terrible decision - one that will determine the fate of her land, her people and her love.

Set against the dramatic landscape of one of Rajasthan's most famous forts in the fourteenth century, The Lotus Queen blends fact and fiction and weaves together a tale of love, friendship and courage in the face of extreme adversity.

Curry: The Story of Britain's Favourite Dish

In 1810, an enterprising Indian called Sake Deen Mohammed opened the Hindostanee Coffee House in London, laying the foundation of a unique British institution - the curry house. The curry industry has grown rapidly over the years. Chicken tikka masala has been officially recognised as a British dish. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Indian restaurants in the UK far outnumbered Chinese restaurants, which numbered around 5000. Britons ate 200 million poppadums and 50,000 tons of rice a year. The industry had an annual turnover of over £2.5 billion and employed about 56,000 workers.

The taste for Indian food is continually evolving. Indian restaurants have broken the Michelin barrier and have made their mark among other coveted London restaurants. The popularity of curry continues to soar and its future looks bright. This book traces the genesis and evolution of the curry industry, and pays tribute to those who put 'curry' on the British map and made it a universal favourite.

Simla: The Summer Capital of British India

This is an extraordinary book that traces the extraordinary history of an extraordinary place. Exhaustively researched, insightful and accurate, the story of Simla is told with verve and accomplishment. From a nondescript village in the early nineteenth century Simla (now spelt Shimla), grew to become 'the summer capital of British India'. From this town in the Lower Himalaya, a fifth of the human race found governance for a century. Simla may have been called the 'summer capital', but for all practical purposes this was the 'real' capital of

India as the Government of India stayed there for the better part of every year moving down to Kolkata (Calcutta) and later New Delhi only for the winter months. In this brilliant recreation of those years of splendour and the process of change, a window is opened to a way of life and an age that has now vanished.

When Faith Turned Red

When Faith Turned Red is the translation of the famous Hindi novel, Ujale ki Talash. Narayan Swami decides to prepare nephew Srini as the future priest of his temple, and also offers to make him his son-in-law. Comrade Bhushnam is actively trying to influence the University youth to join the Naxal cause. Professor Venkatesh is planning a great career for his son Surendran, unaware of his motivations. Latika, the young and beautiful daughter of industrialist Ramapat, is inclined towards Bhushnam and his ideology.

While Srini is stunned to witness corrupt religious practices and runs away from the temple, Latika and Surendran join Bhushnam and his comrades. An ominous stroke of fate leads Srini to the Naxal camp and he joins their war against state corruption. Caught in the vortex of violence, hislifechangesforever.

A thriller based in South India, the novel has gripping elements like Naxals at war, love blooming in the forest, conceit and deceit, murders in cold blood, sexual abuse and adultery.

Office Shocks-a novel

First day at work -- Blue-eyed boy meets bleary-eyed corporate world.

And as the day unfolds he discovers that although 'surprise' is the quintessential adjective to describe day one; 'shock' is an altogether different story.

An 'anytime, anywhere read', Office Shocks is a quirky and comical account of a young, impatient and opinionated B-school graduate who enters the corporate world and discovers it in all its 'backstage' glory. He meets a stereotypical yet unusual ensemble -- the fickle-minded boss, the girl who got fired, the flirtatious colleagues, the dreaded lunch-sharing saint, the erudite two-timing family man, and much more . . . on what turns out to be the most shocking first day at work.

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