Crazy about cricket

Book: Run Romi Run
Author: Tushar Raheja
Publisher: Roli Books
Price: R250

It is the equivalent of watching Lagaan. You know the author has lived by the ‘Eat, drink, breathe’ cricket mantra some time in life. The writing style in the book, set in a small town, Mauji, is such that you find yourself praying for every run, and a four, as Romi, the protagonist bats to thrash the opposing team.

Tushr Raheja goes a step further from Anything for you Ma’am, as he tells the story of four school boys, Romi, Sukhi, Golu and Sunny – crazy about cricket, worshippers of Sachin Tendulkar, hate morning assemblies, and love adventure. They could have been anyone, but the passionate writing makes their story exclusive and personal. The story is littered with moments that make you go ‘aww’. The book grips you with the strong story of friendship, and how care free boys evolve into mature men while playing the gentleman’s game.


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