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The Accidental Godman
Kishore Bhimani
Rs. 25 PP 303

The Accidental Godman is described as an attempt to “meld godmen, passion and national governance into a fiery mould” on the backflap.

Its author, Kishore Bhimani, a veteran journalist and writer, uses all his skill to weave an interesting tale of intrigue that slips into the past, drawing parallels with ancient and modern history, the epics and India’s own crumbling royal edifices, to tell a story set in the future.

It is a steady narrative of the goings on in the corridors of power. The main narrative is woven around a lonely prince who turns to spirituality and is then drawn into the mystic world of tantric rituals.

After many twists, he finally emerges the kingmaker and then the leader, as accidentally as he was pushed into taking on the role as a spiritual leader. Most of the characters are well-etched and it is easy to draw a parallel with real-life figures who have held sway in the political or social scene.

The narrative, which takes the reader through ashrams, with their secrets, picks up as it heads towards the climax.


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