Mamata to counter Saradha slur with book

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Kolkata
  • Updated: Sep 19, 2014 03:02 IST

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has picked up the pen to combat what she regularly describes as a ‘slur campaign’ against herself and her party. She is penning a book where she will present her arguments against the ‘conspiracy’ hatched by opposition parties, and even a section of the media, for tarnishing the image of the ruling party and government.

The move comes at a time when the chief minister and her senior leaders are at the receiving end over Saradha chit fund scam, apart from issues like rising crimes on women and anarchy on campus.

According to plans so far, the book will carry the suggestive title ‘Kutsa Paksha’ (The Slur Times) the book is likely to be released on Mahalaya (seven days before Durga Puja). Incidentally, the chief minister has authored more than two dozens books.

“A section of the media is conspiring against our chief minister and our party. Our stand is not even represented there. In her close circles chief minister has discussed the issue and stated that she has decided to take up the pen to answer all slur once and for all,” said a source close to the chief minister.

The plan for the book was floated in close quarters by the chief minister around a month ago. Initially, it was decided that it would be released at the Kolkata Book Fair, but later it was brought forward.

According to sources the chief minister will write her personal views on a variety of controversial issues including Saradha chit fund scam. She will put forward her arguments and highlight the ‘real fact’.

Though it was not known what Mamata Banerjee is writing, a few days ago she offered glimpses into her mind on the issue a few days ago on a TV interview.

“Indian cricket, football teams are sponsored by scam-tainted Sahara, so can they be accused of taking illegally-earned money of Sahara?” said Mamata in that interview.

“When did the Saradha scam happen? When Left was in power. So many other chit fund scams happened during the Left Front rule – like Sanchayini and Sanchaita. Congress, BJP and the Left are trying to protect the real culprits. Trinamool has not taken a penny from Saradha. The Opposition raises this issue only before elections,” she also said during the interview.

“The media is engaging in smear campaign. They are peddling lies and malicious propaganda. They are not showing any facts,” she also said.

In the book, the Trinamool Congress chief is also supposed to showcase the roadmap for the party and how to reach out to the people against the ‘slur campaign’.

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