Michelin-Star Vikas Khanna pens children's storybook

  • Aditya Dogra, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 16, 2014 13:31 IST

Hoping to inspire young minds to follow their heart, award-winning Michelin-Star Indian chef Vikas Khanna has penned his debut children's storybook.

A celebrity cook, restaurateur and host of a popular television cooking show, Khanna has written several cookbooks and feels that they are like a part of him he has given to the world.

"Writing for kids is a difficult task. The story and character have to be woven very delicately, if the kids fall in love with the character, it stays with them and continues to inspire them even after the story ends. My book is a light read, it's a simple story with a big heart," he said.

The Magic Rolling Pin (Published by Penguin Books India, Rs 299) is a story about a kid, Jugnu, who loves to cook and rolls perfectly round rotis. The secret behind these round rotis, he believes is the magic rolling pin that he has.

The rolling pin is a best friend to Jugnu, and he carries it everywhere with him. One day, the rolling pin goes missing, he loses heart and gives up on cooking; what follows is a heartwarming story which shows that the true magic is within oneself.

"I chose Jugnu as the name for my character because just like the firefly, he, too, has the real power within him. Someday, when I am retired and read about a young Indian chef, who is changing everything about Indian cooking in the world, it would be an amazing feeling if he says that Jugnu once inspired him to follow his heart," said Khanna.

Revealing a bit about his future plans for writing, he adds, "I will continue to write books for kids, at least the next four years. If things go as planned, maybe I'll continue to write more for the young ones."

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