Oxford Dictionary accepts new slangs, here's how to use them

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 30, 2015 12:54 IST
Do you get cranky when you are hungry? That's called being 'hangry' and it is now a word accepted by the Oxford Dictionary. (Shutterstock Image)

After months and, in some cases, years of usage in the streets, office cubicles, homes and online, the Oxford Dictionaries have finally given legitimacy to words like 'hangry,' 'manspreading,' 'brain fart' and 'swole'.

While they may still be underlined in red by spell checkers, Oxford has officially recognised some of the most popular words and terms in their latest update.

New additions have been gleaned from world news, the gaming community, and the "cheffy" food scene.

Here's a selection and how to use them:

1. Hangry


Have you ever felt cranky and angry on not being served food? Do you feel like you would hit someone if the waiter took another second to bring food to the table? Well then this word is for you. It's a portmanteau made from 'hungry' and 'angry'.


'Omg babe stop getting hangry! Your tacos will be here soon.'

2. Mic drop


New slang for 'having the last word'. Consider this Twitter conversation between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama:


'Dude! Obama just dropped the mic on that Twitter battle with Clinton.'

3. Awesomesauce


This is used when something is more awesome than awesome.


'Yo! Did you see that new clip from Star Wars? It's so totally awesomesauce!'

4. Brain fart


When you say something stupid almost reflexively.


Teacher: Is XYZ in class?
XYZ: Yes Mom!... Umm sorry that was a brain fart.

5. Bitch face


That face you make where you are niether smiling nor frowning but just expressionless. However, people do mistake it as an angry face.

'Hey are you angry about something?'
'No, that's just my resting bitch face.'

6. Redditor


Pretty self-explanatory, it is used for someone who uses Reddit.


That guy is a full-time Redditor. He even chats in memes.

7. Rage-quit


When you have had enough shit from somebody or something and you quit in the most fierce manner possible. You flip tables and break some chairs and walk out.

Usage: This gif...

8. Fangirl


When you see you favourite star/singer/superhero/whatever and you just can't contain your excitement.


'We ran into Robert Downey Jr on our way here. He was shooting for a movie. And as you'd expect this one here started fangirling so hard, it took us three more pair of arms to get her out of there.'

9. Butt-dial


When you get a call from a friend and instead of saying 'hello' to you back, they are talking to someone else. You my friend, got butt-dialed. It is when the phone has mind of its own and decides to call someone randomly without the owner's permission.


'Hey! You called me thrice but never said anything. What was that all about?'
'Sorry dude, that was a butt-dial.'

10. Manspreading


When you sit with your legs wide apart, leaving no room for others. And others around you are all like this guy in the gif above.


'Dude! Manage your manspread. Two more guys can sit in that space.'

11. Wine o'clock


The appropriate time to drink wine. Which is any time, really.


'Hey, what time is it?'
'Pop the bottle! It's wine o'clock.'

12. Swole


A buff guy with biceps bigger than his head is 'swole'.


'Gurl! Seen that guy lately? He got swole as hell! Hot I'd say.'

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