Sorry, Mr President: Dirty secrets of the White House rulers now in a book!

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Feb 10, 2015 19:00 IST

A new book 'Party Like A President' will be spilling out all the secrets of White House and Presidents of America.

The new book will be disclosing all the secrets of the White House rulers till now including their amazing history of tawdry sex scandals, boozing and drug abuse, the Daily Express reported.

Brian Abrams, author of the book said that this will expose the womanising, hard-drinking and dubious behaviour of those who are entrusted to the US's highest office, as many people think that a President can get away with anything.

Abrams added that booze and drugs has always lubricated the social wheels of politics and became a problem for some presidents.

This secretive book will include every scandalous thing like sex scandals, love letters, pet names, drugs, and many more.

Interested readers can pre-order 'Party Like A President' by Brian Abrams for just 10.99 pounds, as it will officially get released on March1, 2015.

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