Special Edition Using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

  • Tulika Bhatnagar, PTI, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Dec 05, 2002 16:00 IST

The authors feel that this book has something to offer for all skill levels in VB programming. But the book largely comes across as a beginner's guide. It does not go into lengthy details about the sophisticated strings of code required in today's VB .NET programming.

On the plus side, readers would appreciate the extensive coverage of new features available in VB .NET and explanations of changes from previous versions. Beginners to computer programming would also note many useful advices and tips with real-world examples that better explain new programming concepts. However, it is certainly not a bible for VB .NET pros. It is also not very successful in giving clear-cut benefits of a VB .NET program over VB 6.0 concept.

Beginners would find the book satisfactory when it comes to understanding Visual Basic fundamentals, creating their first Windows or Web applications, understanding the development environment, and writing advanced codes. Although here too, the section on writing pocket PC applications tends to brush upon topics that are very, very fundamental, and again, not very significant to the mature programmer.

Must-avoid: Downloading the source-code examples listed in the book. All the code listings (named <filename>.zip) in the book do not match with the real ZIP files. Code examples are available at quepublishing.com.

Must-buy? Think about it!

The book is being sold by Pearson Education Asia. Tel: +91 11 124 6067 to 6070.

Other details:
Written by Brian Siler and Jeff Spotts
Publisher  Pearson Education Asia
ISBN# 81-7808-632-8
Price Rs. 375.00

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