Super Sikh vs Raj Singh: Will the real Sikh superhero please stand up?

  • Neha Malude and Aditya Dogra, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Apr 20, 2015 19:45 IST

If you’re a fan of graphic comics, chances are you’ve heard of Super Sikh – the turbaned superhero who spells style and fights the bad guys. But what if we told you that there are two superheroes by that name?

Raj Singh has a military background, listens to Bruce Springsteen and enjoys Bhangra while Deep Singh grew up in Africa, was educated at Oxford, UK, and loves Elvis. While the former was, as per its creator Ravi Singh, created in 2003, the latter is more recent. Odd similarities apart, the one question we’re asking is this: who’s the real Super Sikh?

“Our story is totally original and unique and as they say in the movies. Any resemblance to anything else is purely coincidental,” says Supreet Singh Manchanda, creator of Deep Singh. “There are a million similar ideas out there but we were simply the first ones to make ours a reality.” Ravi reveals that when the new “copy cat” was launched, they had sent them a notice asking them to cease and desist using the same name. However, Supreet states that “We have the first trademark application for Super Sikh for our comic, were the first to use the name, and have valid and superior rights to any other user.”

Both agree, though, that one of the primary objectives behind a Sikh superhero is to shed light on Sikhism, while also fighting gender and race bias, bigotry, apart from old-fashioned crime. But superhero ‘overlap’ isn’t a new thing. Take a look at a few more ‘inspired’ characters through the years.

* Flash and Quicksilver
Both Flash and Quicksilver are speedsters, and another striking similarity are their costumes, which both have symbols that are or look like lightning. Even their alter egos have been known to be witty and generally the one with the best punchlines.

* Elongated Man and Mr Fantastic
Both superheroes not only have similar powers but have been one of the most talked about on who can win forums when it comes to superhero comparisons.

* Deathstroke and Deadpool
There are various similarities between Dc comic’s Deathstroke and Marvel’s Deadpool. There names for one are very similar, Deathstroke is Slade Wilson and Deadpool is Wade Wilson. Their superhero names also sound very similar and both are weapons masters, can regenerate and wear two tone costumes.

* Green Arrow and Hawkeye
Even though Green Arrow and Hawkeye are very different characters, they both are most compared due to similar weapons, costumes and character arcs where they return from the dead. Both have also been part of superhero team ups and their love interests, Black Widow for Hawkeye and Black Canary for Green Arrow are no coincidence.

* Atom and Ant man
Ant man for long has been known as Marvel’s answer for DC Comic’s superhero Atom. They both have similar abilities where they can shrink themselves and both Hank Pym and Ray Palmer have been part of Superhero teams like DC’s Justice League and Marvel’s Avengers.

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