The Dance of Durga: A tale of faith, desire and passion

  • Khushboo Shukla, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 31, 2016 16:59 IST
Cover of the book The Dance of Durga.

With the backdrop set in rural Punjab, this book explores the cultural beliefs and norms of the Indian society. An old woman before dying makes a prophesy that her new-born granddaughter, Durga will become a big name in future. How the prediction steers the path of the plot is what makes the story intriguing. Durga grows up to be an intelligent and intuitive girl. She falls in love more than once in the plot. A dramatic cycle of events take her from her home to a hermitage. Though she initially does not talk much to the Ashram people, later she befriends them to gain political contacts, which also brings forth the dark sides of the Ashram to limelight. In the course of events, she gains excessive popularity and even overpowers the existing God-woman.Now Durga has to choose between her destiny and her wish to write her own future, which revolves around her beloved. The story is gripping that bounds the read.

Title: Dance of Durga

Author: Kanika K Dhillon

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: Rs 399

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