There is a writer in each one of us: Ravinder Singh

  • Namita S Kalla, Hindustan Times, Jaipur
  • Updated: Nov 23, 2014 14:32 IST

Popular writer Ravinder Singh has launched his new book titled Your Dreams Are Mine Now". In a tete-a-tete with Hindustan times, he unveils his new book and tells us why there is nothing like first love, and how there is a writer in each one of us.

On his new book
My latest book is a roller coaster love story. A love story with the backdrop of youth politics. The growing crime against women, the stand youth took for Nirbhaya, the fight against reservation system, and other issues in the country made me write this novel.

I have experimented with two things in my new book; along with love, which is my forte, for the first time I have included politics and other burning issues, also in the past my books were in first person, and this time it is in third person, which means it does not revolve around me.

Nothing like first love
Love is such a beautiful feeling. Everybody wants to experience love. It is truly an emotion that each one of us long for, but not everyone gets it. Also love can happen twice, thrice, or many times, but there is nothing like the first love. Everything from the first love letter to the first kiss, has a different feeling altogether. And even as love in all forms and at all ages is beautiful, nothing can beat the first love.

Amateur authors
We are all authors in our own way. And we all have our stories that we want to share with the world. The social networking sites have given people a large platform to speak their minds. People want to share everything from their morning tea to all that they do or experience during the day. And when fine day when someone truly wishes to explore the larger platform called 'writing a book', one should have faith in oneself and go for it.

Books turning into movies
While several film makers have approached me in the past, many of them did not even read my book. They wanted to make a film on my book only because it has been a huge success. This is not how I want it to be. I want the film maker to feel the love story, before planning to turn it into a film. It should justify the emotion called love, the one that I felt, and the one that turned me into an author.

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