Mr Chetan Bhagat, what really is a Half Girlfriend?

If there is one thing Chetan 'India's Biggest Storyteller' Bhagat has achieved this morning, it's the buzz around the title (and the synopsis, come on!) of his next book-that-will-surely-be-a-movie following a full page ad in a national daily.

So, what really is a half girlfriend? Is it a bird, a plane, or a Twitter trend meant to be?

Before we explore the possibilities, a quick flash back (no, don't run!) of Half Girlfiend's (now famous) cover and synopsis that deeply confused us.

Now let us deconstruct, shall we?

1. A half girlfriend could be something that brings together other literary halves. You know, like a missing puzzle?

2. Or pure genius of a sadistic writer.

3. An 'Indian culture' edition to the concept of a girlfriend?

And them 'adorable' Bollywood-ishtyle stalkers.

4. That the girlfriend isn't a biological female.

5. That the other half will appear in the next book! PRE-ORDER NOW! *cough*

Of course, this could happen too.

6. A reference to the age old glass that's half full-half empty.

7. A marketing strategy to make his reader buy two books a time! (You don't say)

8. A mathematical puzzle!

9. A half explanation (because pictures speak louder than words)


10. A nonsensical literary masterpiece. Remember jabberwocky from Alice in Wonderland?





Okay no, we're kidding.


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