World Book Day: 10 movies which can be turned into books

  • Abhimanyu Kulkarni, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Apr 23, 2015 21:48 IST

Books have repeatedly been a source of inspiration for filmmakers. Take the example of 3 Idiots, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! and Devdas. But how about taking a look at the other side of the hedge?

When there are so many movies ‘inspired’ by books, why can’t we have more books based on movies? Here's a list of movies that can be easily converted to books.

1) A Wednesday

A common man trying to destroy the city because he is frustrated of living in constant fear. If that isn't the perfect plot for a book, we ask you what is? It's a thriller which keeps you gripped from the beginning and proves you wrong every time you think you have figured out what's going to happen next. This would definitely make a great suspense novel.

2) Golmaal

If this movie is ever turned into a book it could put PG Wodehouse to shame. When new characters aren't popping up in the story, the existing ones are playing dual roles. A hilarious story about how 'actions have consequences'.

3) Miracle

This real-life tale of ice hockey player-turned coach Herb Brooks definitely deserves more space than a 90-min movie. In the 1980 Winter Olympics, he coached a US team full of college amateurs, who went on to win the gold medal beating the then 'invincible' Soviets. The incident was dubbed as 'Miracle on Ice' and is regarded as one of the greatest sporting upsets of all times.

4) Inception

A thief who cons people by incepting ideas in their dreams. Need we say more?

5) Man on Fire

A former assassin takes up the job of a bodyguard. He fails to protect the family he is supposed to. He then goes on a rampage to extract revenge.

6) No One Killed Jessica

Most of us are familiar with Jessica Lal murder case. How many of us have pondered about what the family went through after that freak shooting? How many of us have wanted to delve into the minds of the Lal family? Know what they felt like when everybody present at the party, including Jessica's friends backtracked on their statements. A book on their struggle for justice - and how they won in the end with support from the media and the entire nation will be a good read.

7) Shamitabh

This film highlights the dark side of Bollywood in a subtle manner. It shows the journey of a mute aspiring actor who uses the voice of another man to reach the top.

8) OK Kanmani

Since most of you are still to see this movie in theatres, we will avoid any spoilers. But this Mani Ratnam flick has all the ingredients of a romantic novel.

9) Kill Bill

A 'bride' who wakes up from coma with only one motive - revenge. The story revolves around 'The Bride' hunting her old accomplices one by one. If only each of these fight sequences is reproduced on paper as well as it was presented by Quentin Tarantino in the movie! Sigh.

10) Tamanna

A girl is abandoned by her parents at birth. A eunuch picks her up from the garbage bin and raises her as his own.

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