Writers, artists live in anxiety in Pakistan: Farooqi

  • PTI, Kolkata
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  • Updated: Feb 11, 2013 12:20 IST

With political instability and extremism rising in Pakistan, noted Pakistani writer Musharraf Ali Farooqi feels artists and writers in his country live in anxiety and sometimes find it difficult to pen their thoughts.

"It is difficult, it is not so easy. In such a volatile atmosphere sometimes it is difficult to pen our thoughts. There is some kind of anxiety," Farooqi, who was here to participate in the Kolkata Book Fair, told PTI.

Ever since its creation in 1947, Pakistan has been plagued by a bitter power struggle between political parties and the all-powerful military and terrorism has joined it for the last decade to further vitiate the atmosphere.

Despite this 'disturbing' situation, Farooqi hoped, the atmosphere would improve soon.

"It is disturbing. It is not only the writers whose lives are disturbed, but those of the common people as they are more exposed to such things," he said.

"People ought to do their business and work. But we are hopeful that in days to come the situation will become normal and everything will stabilize."

Asked if there is any pressure from any quarter to prevent writers from doing their work, Farooqi said, "No there is no such pressure. Everybody is free to write."


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