A big thank you to all our readers!

I know, all publications claim they love their readers and I’m sure they do. But we really  really do. For us, our readers are part of the big happy extended Brunch family.

Whenever we interact with them, whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook or email (or when we actually meet them), it’s just so much, well, fun. Because they’re smart, intelligent and yes, they read (a lot, as it turns out).File pile

So frankly, a Readers’ Special was always on our minds. And we were thrilled when the entries started pouring in, because most of them were so good.

It was heart-breaking to have to choose just a few articles. My sincere apologies to all those readers whose pieces we couldn’t accommodate and my congratulations to all the ‘winners.’ We had so much fun putting together this special issue, we’re definitely going to do it again. A big, big thank you to all of you!

From HT Brunch, February 3

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