Add indie to your 2014 playlist

Add Indie to your 2014 playlist. The year will bring more gigs, more music festivals and many new artists working within newer genres. Solo artists will be big. And DIY marketing will be even bigger.

Solo artists who will make waves winit tikoo He mixes Urdu lyrics with a grunge sound. Tikoo has featured on Coke Studio and played at NH7 Weekender, Bangalore and Pune 2013.
It is the full-time electronic music project of Sanaya Ardeshir, producer, composer and synth player. She has quickly made a mark for herself, gigging all over the country. Her sound evolves after every show.

Tajdar Junaid
He released his debut album, What Colour is your Raindrop, in ’13 and a couple of songs off it are already being featured in a Hollywood film, Sold. The music, mostly instrumental, is very fresh. It has the quality that falls in the vein of Gustavo Santaolalla (The Motorcycle Diaries) and Yann Tiersen (Amélie) with its honest, cathartic, emotional, score-ish leanings.
Nischay Parekh
His Ocean is making waves. One reason for his success is the accessibility of his music: simple pop with a catchy melody. This is not to say that it lacks experimentation or songwriting, just that Parekh writes music with a wide listener base, courting a wider base of venues.

Next year, we’ll see…
The DIY-style of marketing and promotions will be big.
More and more musicians are realising that the Internet is the most feasible way to market and promote their music. Internet downloads and releases, whether pirated, free or paid, are the way forward. They empower the artist to go the DIY way, which is really good for the industry as well.

CDs will continue to die out.
CDs are a waste of resources, plus they drain an indie artist financially. The consumption of music has shifted considerably in the last few years, so much so that even most cars today have music systems that come with a USB drive and not a CD player.

– Inputs by Akhil Sood, editor, and Shreya Naik, CEO, Dream Makers, and Programming, Blue Frog


From HT Brunch, December 29

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