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Indian techies are petitioning Android to name its next version Laddoo or Lassi. Android Laddoo, anyone? We have more suggestions.

Lapsi: Dalia, ghee, elaichi to make your phone run faster.
Ledikeni: A mispronunciation of Lady Canning. Deep-fried balls of semolina, chana, milk, ghee and sugar syrup to oil your machine.
Lauki kheer: For our health columnist Shikha Sharma.
Lebu sandesh: Sandesh with a hint of lemon. Its tartness might offer a kick to your OS.
Lavang latika: Dumplings filled with flour, ghee, rose essence, nuts, cloves and tutti-frutti. A great name if your phone needs to have all that and more!
Locho: The Gujaratis mix amras and kadhi and go crazy over locho. The rest of the world should follow!
Lyangcha: Longish gulab jamuns. Will you even live to see the next Android?
From HT Brunch, June 29
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