BFC: do you belong to old India or the new one?

Are you from the old India or the new one? Answer a few queries about your lifestyle and knowledge to find out.

The first album you ever bought was...
A vinyl record, cassette or CD you saved up for. And you played the hell out of it!
B. Brought an album? You mean downloaded a track, right?

Do you know what a doily is?
A. Of course, it's that white crotchety thing that you use to cover the telephone, the TV, the top of the fridge, the sofa back and other precious things you didn't want dirtied.
B. Huh?

A gentleman always
A. Pays for dinner
B. Makes breakfast the morning after

How did you answer?
More As - You're as old-world as they come, sire!
More Bs - You're all about the now, now, now!

From HT Brunch, January 27

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