BFC: Five people who should totally attend the Norah Jones concert

Anyone who’s had their heart broken and feels worse after listening to Adele. The BBC said it, and we agree: Norah Jones makes breakups sound good.

Lana Del Rey: The young lady needs to learn how to sound numb without sounding dumb.

The ‘Indian’ guy from Goodness Gracious Me. Remember, he thought everything awesome HAD to have an Indian connection? Well, we’re taking credit for at least half of Jones’s talent.

Kids learning to play the piano. Beta, Jones practises like a maniac to produce music that sounds deceptively simple. Easy doesn’t mean lazy!

Reality singing contest hopefuls, so they can learn how to keep it real. Jones’s voice is simple and pure, but that kind of easiness takes years of control and practice.

From HT Brunch, February 24
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