BFC: how to spend Valentine’s Day alone

1. Don’t sulk, cry, slash your wrists, blame Western influences on Indian culture or try to act cool about being single.
2. Don’t scorn at couples buying overpriced roses or walking around holding hands.
3. Who are you fooling by convincing yourself that V-Day is for college bachchas? Mature people, too, celebrate love.
4. Become a narcissist and pamper yourself. It’s a good day to upgrade your cell phone, get a full-body massage and hit the gym.
5. There are two rules at the Singles Club: (a) Never boast about your relationship status, and (b) Never boast about your relationship status. Especially not on this day.
7. Catch up with friends who are as romantically-challenged as you are.
8. Watch out for VHP and Bajrang Dal loonies. You wouldn’t want to get a taste of their ‘love’.

From HT Brunch, February 10
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